Wednesday, August 14, 2013

See WPP Chief Martin Sorrell’s First Post As a LinkedIn...

See WPP Chief Martin Sorrell’s First Post As a LinkedIn Influencer

WPP CEO Martin Sorrell has joined LinkedIn as part of its Influencer program, using his first post on the social media site to note Jeff Bezos’ watershed purchase of The Washington Post and criticize competitors’ moves (in a reference that sounds a lot like he’s talking about the recent Publicis Omnicom merger proposal).

"If anyone needed a reminder of how profoundly the media world has changed in the last 15 to 20 years, they received it in the form of an era-defining announcement that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos had purchased the journalistic institution, the Washington Post," he wrote. "We’ll have to wait to see how the Washington Kindle fares, both commercially and editorially, and whether an Amazon treatment can turn analog dimes into more than digital pennies — but the point is made: a new breed of media owner has very much arrived."

He went on to stress WPP’s strategy — new markets, new media, data investment management and “horizontality,” which essentially means getting varied parts of WPP to work together on client accounts — and offered a not-so-subtle dig at the competition and its recent moves.

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