Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Ten Commandments Of User Experience

Great post about User Experience from SXSW

FBML How To Video

Marketing to Women

The Following excert is from an old post .... but I thought it made a point really well...

MYTH: Why target women if men average a higher income than women?

TRUTH: Whether or not this is true, women are the ones making the purchases.

Studies continue to vary somewhat on who makes more. And averages tend to throw things off since income is not always an indicator of total wealth.

But none of that matters really, because even if a woman does not work, studies consistently show that she is making the buying decisions for herself and her family. So ignoring her is short-sighted to say the very least.

  • 85% of all brand purchases are made by women
  • 94% the wealth acquired in the next four years, will be acquired by women*
  • 69% of household health decisions are made by women*
  • 74% of all NBA & NFL apparel is purchased by women
  • 91% of new home decisions are made by women**
  • 81% of grocery decisions are made by women
  • 60% of the online population are women
  • 62% of all workers are women
  • 71% of women feel that brands only consider them for beauty products and cleaning products

CSR Branding Survey 2010

The more social a brand gets the more important ethics become. While many may fault me for saying this but, Social Responsibility is good for the bottom line. The all mighty dollar should be motivation enough to act in responsible ways. Don't believe me check this out...

SXSW "Screw Brand Equity - Connected Brands Rule" Adam Lavelle, iCrossing

Great presentation... highlighting the 10 strongest brands and their engagement levels and how that effects their over all brand sentiment/ Equity.

Ogilvy: Digital In A Downturn

Digital in a Downturn-Ogilvy

Monday, March 29, 2010

Olivier Blanchard Basics Of Social Media Roi

If you are wondering how social media can turn dollars check this out! Its like measuring the volume of the wind... its nearly impossible to do. In this there are reasons why that is.

Social Media Is Dead: Long Live Common Sense.

Great Presentation on the state of Social media... check it out!