Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Al Jazeera America Makes Debut With Few National Advertisers...

Al Jazeera America Makes Debut With Few National Advertisers http://bit.ly/1d9Sril

In its first days on the air, Al Jazeera America’s short commercial window has been dominated by promotions for the network itself and some direct-response ads. There are only a few national brands, including Gillette and ThermoSpas, that have bought time on the new cable news network.

Al Jazeera America has said it is strategically offering a reduced commercial load, with just about six minutes of commercials an hour. This compares with about 15 minutes on competitive networks. CEO Ehab Al Shihabi said the network wanted to keep the focus on unbiased, fact-based journalism and not clutter up the news with advertising.

While this may be true, it doesn’t look like top marketers are clamoring to be on the network, either. During the 3 p.m. hour Thursday, ads for ThermoSpas hot tubs, the Christopher Reeve Foundation and Gillette’s Fusion ProGlide razors and shave gel were placed between promos for Al Jazeera America programming.

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