Monday, August 12, 2013

Quintuplets for Angelina Jolie?! The Aug....

Quintuplets for Angelina Jolie?!

The Aug. 19 issue of celebrity weekly OK, on newsstands now, shows a smiling Angelina Jolie accompanied by the headline “ANGIE TALKS TWINS!” and the subhead “Angie & Brad are getting ready for their new arrivals.” Oh, and there’s also a little inset photo of Angie and Brad and their brood with the caption “The Whole Family Is So Excited!”

Naturally! Because it is so exciting to get trolled by a stupid celebrity magazine! Probably not quite as exciting as working at a stupid celebrity magazine where you can just totally make things up, but still!

OK’s (cough) reporting here relies on “a pal,” “sources close to the couple,” an “insider,” a “longtime family friend,” etc. The premise of the story is that given that Angie and Brad were happy about having twins in the past — Knox and Vivienne, now 5 — they plan to have twins again. To wit, per OK:

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