Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meet Lee and Morty Kaufman: Swiffer’s Golden Couple...

Meet Lee and Morty Kaufman: Swiffer’s Golden Couple

In July, web and TV audiences were introduced to young-at-heart lovebirds Lee and Morty Kaufman. Viewers peered into the 90-year-old couple’s home and life together in Valley Stream, N.Y., looking on as Lee, a retired schoolteacher, labored to keep her home clean using an old-fashioned mop and too-heavy bucket.

Now America has fallen in love with the Kaufmans thanks to Procter & Gamble and Publicis Kaplan Thaler, who cast them in a series of spots to demonstrate the “Swiffer effect” after they were given a blue P&G box full of Swiffer products that would hopefully simplify Lee’s arduous mopping and dusting routine.

Among the products Lee and Morty tested is Swiffer WetJet over a two-day period in which the married couple of 44 years filmed a testimonial that would later be cut to three-minute-and-30-second spots. Whether it was retired pharmacist Morty’s doting or just the couple’s rapport and candor on film, the spots charmed viewers and have received more than 5 million online hits.

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