Saturday, August 24, 2013

Keeping Your Reputation Out of the Jaws of Social Media...

Keeping Your Reputation Out of the Jaws of Social Media

From the time they were little, I taught my kids that you get one reputation in life. And you need to live your life accordingly.

I’ll bet there are dozens of professional athletes, Hollywood A & B-listers and politicians who wish they had heeded that advice. So much inexplicable behavior is ruining reputations overnight, it boggles the mind.

In my home market (Philly), a wide receiver for the Eagles football team, Riley Cooper, was recently caught on video spewing a racial rant. Golden boy one day, tarnished athlete the next. The latest gaggle of suspended MLB players thought they wouldn’t get caught taking illegal, performance-enhancing drugs, but they were. In the entertainment world, the Lindsay Lohans, Miley Cyruses and Chris Browns seem to thrive on being out of control. And who can forget the Anthony Weiner-Eliot Spitzer types, who are battling for their political lives over self-inflicted wounds?

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