Thursday, August 15, 2013

CBS Prime-Time Viewers Shrink 4.7% After Cable Shutoff...

CBS Prime-Time Viewers Shrink 4.7% After Cable Shutoff

CBS Corp.’s broadcast network lost about 4.7% of its prime-time audience in the first week after a dispute with Time Warner Cable led to a blackout of about 3 million homes.

CBS, the most-watched U.S. TV network, averaged 5.51 million viewers in the week ended Aug. 11, down from 5.78 million in the previous seven days, according to data supplied by Nielsen. The network’s top-rated “Under the Dome” drama drew 10.4 million viewers, 1 million less than a week before.

As the blackout stretches into a second week, CBS viewers in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas remain unable to watch the network’s lineup or local stations. Time Warner Cable cut access to the media company’s programming, including the Showtime premium channel, on Aug. 2 after failing to agree on subscriber fees for the broadcast network.

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