Monday, August 19, 2013

Barclays Presents A Poignant Day in the Life of Football Fans...

Barclays Presents A Poignant Day in the Life of Football Fans

UK marketers are wistful this week. First we saw this senior meets junior story from Coke, and now, Barclays and BBH London bring the generations together in this spot promoting the company’s sponsorship of the Premier League.

Blink director Benito Montorio brought some nuanced, emotional touches in helping craft the 90-second tale, which follows different types of fans heading to a soccer match. The first is Billy Ingham, a real-life Everton Football Club fan for more than 70 years, who goes about collecting his belongings to make the walk over to the stadium, cane in hand. The next is a group of raucous young fans on a bus, chanting songs in unison, followed by a father and young son duo, who wait patiently on a train platform.

It works to demonstrate for the viewer the different stages in the life of a fan, culminating in the moment the old man, scarf wrapped around his neck, walks slowly home from yet another day of cheering on the team he loves.

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