Friday, September 6, 2013

Will Disgruntled Customers Buy Twitter Ads to Air Grievances...

Will Disgruntled Customers Buy Twitter Ads to Air Grievances Now?

Disgruntled fliers taking to Twitter to vent their grievances about airlines has become commonplace. But a consumer turning one of those 140-character complaint into an ad? That’s something new — and marketers should have a plan to navigate this new potential route for consumer complaints to go viral.

British Airways had to learn the lesson the hard way. A passenger this week, dissatissfied with the carrier’s inattention to his tweets about his lost luggage, decided to promote those tweets in Twitter’s self-serve ad tool to voice his disdain more widely.

The user, Hasan Syed, promoted the tweet in New York City and in the U.K. on Monday night, according to Mashable.

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