Friday, September 6, 2013

Introducing Windows Krispy Kreme (Take That, Android KitKat!)...

Introducing Windows Krispy Kreme (Take That, Android KitKat!)

There’s something about Google’s oddball licensing of the Kit Kat brand for the latest version of its Android mobile operating system — to be called Android KitKat — that makes me think of Ad Age’s beloved and enduringly popular Agency Name Generator, which mashes together unlikely combinations of words to gin up perfectly credible agency monikers.

Android KitKat further changes the rules of branding and I find this to be liberating! Liberating in a Simon Dumenco Jack Daniels sort of way.

We all obviously have no choice now but to wildly speculate about future Android co-brands, including Android Lemonhead, Android Mallomars and Android Necco Wafer. Plenty of alphabet left to go.

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