Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gap’s Global Marketing Focus Fuels Major Retail Rebound...

Gap’s Global Marketing Focus Fuels Major Retail Rebound

Gap Inc. spent several years as a punching bag for Wall Street, thanks to slipping sales, marketing missteps and an indistinct positioning among some of its core brands. But the company is swinging back.

Its stock hit a 52-week high last month. Net sales for the second quarter rose 8%, while sales for July were up 5%. Global expansion and the rapid creation of strong global marketing teams is fueling growth. Gap Inc. rounded out its trio of global chief marketing officer positions this year, with appointments at Old Navy and Banana Republic. Marketing across its brands is benefiting from increased investment and fresh ideas.

At the company’s namesake brand, Global CMO Seth Farbman has taken the brand back to its roots, emphasizing Gap’s purpose and values, as well as its founders, Donald and Doris Fisher. Internally, execs live by the mantra “believers in bright” — a nod to the Fishers’ desire to have a “store with a heart.” Its latest campaign, dubbed “Back to Blue,” is bringing the retailer back to TV advertising for the second time in seven years — a vote of confidence from its parent company.

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