Friday, August 16, 2013

YouTube’s Biggest Critic on How the Site Could Lose...

YouTube’s Biggest Critic on How the Site Could Lose Creators

Internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis has torched YouTube multiple times in the past few months for cutting creators a raw deal and capitalizing on its near-monopoly. Recently at the video conference VidCon in Anaheim, he did it to the Google-owned video site’s face.

Presenting the conference’s closing keynote to a room full of YouTube creators and more than a dozen YouTube employees (a video of the speech is embedded below), Mr. Calacanis reiterated and further explored the frustrations he voiced in a pair of widely circulated blog posts published in June.

The gist? The 45% revenue cut Google typically takes from its top creators’ ad revenues, as well as the distance it keeps between those creators and their audience and advertisers, limits people’s ability to build a business based solely on their YouTube presence. Others share Mr. Calacanis’s thinking, though perhaps not his aggression.

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