Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yoplait Banks on ‘Less Sour’ Taste to Make Up Ground...

Yoplait Banks on ‘Less Sour’ Taste to Make Up Ground in Greek Yogurt http://bit.ly/1eF5ogz

As Greek yogurt has grown from a niche product to a major food player, much of the buzz has been about how the thick and creamy blends fit the growing desire that consumers have for protein.

But what about the taste? That is where General Mills is hoping to steer the conversation as it seeks to make up ground in the category with its Yoplait Greek yogurt, which the marketer has relaunched with a new formula, packaging and advertising.

In its first campaign, debuting this week, Yoplait declares that “it’s time healthy gets a dose of happy.” The series of spots carry the tagline “it’s time to lick the lid again.” The ads are by Olson, which recently won the Yoplait Greek account.

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