Sunday, August 11, 2013

Teens and Tweens not using Facebook. Why this is good news for...

Teens and Tweens not using Facebook. Why this is good news for Facebook.


Teens and Tweens are like sci-fi aliens that suck a planet dry of all resources and move on. We know that 0% of first for a youth generation social networks have been successful 5 years later. MySpace, okrut, Friendster, yahoo groups, geocites and the list goes on.

Facebook started with college students for a reason, it was the chance to leave high school embarrassment behind (read MySpace) and it is getting back to that seat again. This tendency should make Facebook the next network, that sweet spot of post boy band, start of important “anchor” network development. Meaning teens don’t use the network, but when they want to leave the embarrassment that was high school they will. Also the rest of us enjoy the grownup network free of “OMG that boy band is to die for”. The behavior is predictive and can be modeled, the variable here is the crop of secondary networks coming to life. If Facebook were left on the sideline by a new replacement network that would be detrimental.

There is a legitimate risk of this given the parent effect. In short Facebook needs to target college students with info about hiding content from family. The expanse of Facebook as a media network is a more significant development and must be manged carefully to avoid a backlash.

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