Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Is Fox-Vice the Most Conservative Media Deal of the Year?...

Is Fox-Vice the Most Conservative Media Deal of the Year?

But what if I told you that the Fox-Vice deal is actually kind of a good old-fashioned, logical, non-bonkers deal?

If you’re a regular reader of Ad Age, you already know that Vice is a real, diversified, growing and hugely impressive global media company. Back in 2010, when Ad Age named Vice to its annual magazine-industry A-List (which honors magazine brands that are much more than just magazines), I made a point, in the award citation, of heading off those who might question our choice:

It’d be easy to dismiss Vice as a cultish niche title — a street-smart youth-culture magazine with a famously ribald editorial sensibility. But a growing number of major players — including CNN which this spring partnered with Vice’s online broadcast offshoot, [now rebranded as] — are recognizing that the ultimate glossy outsider has quietly spawned a global media empire while becoming an unlikely journalistic powerhouse.

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