Thursday, August 22, 2013

How Zara Ballooned Into a Multi-Billion Dollar Brand Without...

How Zara Ballooned Into a Multi-Billion Dollar Brand Without Advertising

Over the weekend came the news that Rosalia Mera — who made the remarkable transition from a young seamstress to head of an international business empire as co-founder of Zara, the Spanish retailer that today ranks as one of the largest clothing chains in the world — had died at the age of 69.

She died of complications of a stroke, according to various news reports. Ms. Mera was known as a self-made woman, a grade-school dropout who had an eye for design and a strong work ethic.

One of the most fascinating things about the brand is that it became popular not in spite of but because of its lack of originality; shoppers flocked to stores to buy its catwalk copycat designs at prices that are friendly enough for nearly any budget. Here, a few more fascinating facts about how Zara over three decades ballooned into a multi-billion brand*.

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