Friday, August 23, 2013

How Israel has Rebranded Amid a Volatile Geopolitical Backdrop...

How Israel has Rebranded Amid a Volatile Geopolitical Backdrop

Israel has more than 100 embassies and diplomatic missionaries worldwide, and Ido Aharoni is head of its largest one. As consul general of Israel in New York since 2010, Mr. Aharoni’s job is to cultivate ties on a grassroots level and open America’s eyes to Israel’s culture and industries. He oversees seven departments in the consulate, which was the first office in the world to hold a press conference on Twitter.

Mr. Aharoni launched “Brand Israel” in 2005 when he was serving as consul for media and public affairs at the Israel Consulate in New York. The campaign is meant to “rebrand” Israel, emphasizing its relevance and modernity. Mr. Aharoni, who joined the Israel foreign service in 1991, calls his specialty “country positioning.” In short, he’s worked to define what makes Israel attractive for tourism, foreign investment and export, and then used those advantages to promote his country to relevant audiences.

At Ad Age’s CMO Strategy Summit in San Francisco on Oct. 16, Mr. Aharoni will share how he’s worked to define Israel’s brand and discuss how he deals with the obstacles Israel faces, given its difficult geopolitical situation.

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