Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back-to-School Marketers: Take Advantage Of First-Party Data...

Back-to-School Marketers: Take Advantage Of First-Party Data

Today’s modern marketer knows that becoming data driven is imperative to the success of their marketing efforts. According to a first-quarter survey from the CMO Council and SAS, 52% of marketers believe that data helped identify new business opportunities. More revealing, 46% of respondents highlighted the importance of identifying the “right” kind of actionable data to avoid getting lost in the clutter.

This is precisely why marketers should care deeply about their “own” data — it’s sexy and it’s theirs. If you aren’t already actively working on turning your first-party data into a goldmine, ask yourself, “Why not?”

Data is the fuel that gives all of your marketing efforts the energy to be carried out efficiently and effectively. There are many many types of rich data: CRM data, social data, offline data, web analytics data, mobile data — the list goes on. Unifying this first-party data can unearth insights that allow you to connect with customers in a more authentic way and drive deeper engagement and increase brand loyalty.

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