Thursday, August 15, 2013

A-B InBev: Coors Light’s Claims About Superior Cans Are...

A-B InBev: Coors Light’s Claims About Superior Cans Are Bogus

Does Coors Light really come in “the world’s most refreshing can?” And does the brew’s packaging actually produce a “smoother, more refreshing pour?”

Anheuser-Busch InBev says these and other ad claims by its competitor are not true, and has asked regulators to intercede. In a complaint first filed with the National Advertising Division, the brewer took issue with “the implied claim that Coors Light Beer cans are technologically superior to other beer cans, and provide a more refreshing beverage experience,” according to the NAD.

Calling the complaint frivolous, MillerCoors declined to participate in the self-regulatory review, meaning the NAD has now forwarded the ad claims to the Federal Trade Commission for consideration, NAD said in a statement Tuesday. The challenge is an “inappropriate use of NAD’s resources,” MillerCoors spokesman Jonathan Stern said in an email to Ad Age. “All of the statements regarding the can either clearly are intended as acceptable marketing puffery or have been proven through extensive testing as accurate.”

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