Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Social Media and Mobile Phones

If you read the nostrumstats blog you will have already seen this Infographic. There is no doubt that the wave of the future is Smart phones. The effect on business is going to be very drastic, even in the B2B market (which has had use of smart phones for over a decade).

It may seem like smart phones are already the majority in the market but Im not sold on this. Until recently products like Palm, Windows mobile, Blackberry's were all items for e-mail and very limited web (expensive ones at that). The iphone offered a major shift to the general population as an information device. The next shift will take us away from information and to relationships. It is possible that Smart Phones will make us the most connected society in history.

If you own a business, and you are not thinking through how Smart phones are going to change your business, you are not thinking hard enough.

This isn't a fad... It's like TV... It's like the Internet... it's a major shift.