Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nike's Tiger ad is brilliant!

I know many "experts" think the new Nike ad with Tiger is dumb, random or just plain bad. They dont see the benefit to the brand and to many it looks like a peice about Tiger...but its not.

If you havent seen the Ad I posted a the video yesterday on Nostrum's blog... (if you follow this blog you should follow that one too). I reposted the video on this site...below

Personally I think the Ad is brillant... here are 3 reasons

1. Its not about Tiger:: At the end of the Day its a million conversations about why Nike would place tiger so soon. Why Nike would want to use Earl Wood's voice? How Nike will or won't sell product because of this ad? Its a million conversations about NIKE

2. It deals with a sensitive issue in a sensitive way:: I have seen many on twitter ripping this Ad because it endorses affairs. . .. I have seen many on twitter rip the Ad for being to soft on tiger... and I have seen people on twitter rip this ad for being too hard on Tiger. The scale and extent to which these opinons differ suggest that the Ad was in a very classy spot... the Middle.

3. Its simple:: In a world so focused on glam and glitz this piece just stops. The Ad has no background, no fancy edits, and isn't in your face (With graphics at least). As a result of the simplicity your eyes have nowhere to go but the logo.

Why I think people refuse to like the ad publicly. . .

In all honesty its easier to be a critic. In general the only people that benefit from complementing an ad are the ones that came up with it. That is why complements are rare in advertising.

One interviewie in a Fox story said "I wouldn't run out and buy sneakers [because of it],"
Think about that... he is thinking about Shoes and Nike... that can't be a bad thing. Even if he doesn't buy Shoes now he is thinking about Nike Shoes! That is a win.

Update... real experts actually agree with me... look at this article ... Nike didn't have a choice in this move it had to happen at some point.