Thursday, June 11, 2009


While I don't think it is important to master the art of coding... I think its important for anyone with any ambition in marketing to know at least basic html. 

Here is why::
Today on the fly I was asked to create an invitation to a presentation for companies in Chicago that we deliver to NASA. The e-mail was going to director level reciprients therefore it needed to not only look good but the wording needed to be polished. Ideally I would have presented this with HTML headers and footers including logos and branding... it would have added a polished touch. However, I didn't have the tools at my disposal and because I was short on time I just made do with what I could. (I nailed the wording down) 
Tonight the very first thing I did when I went home today was to touch up on these skills. Since the e-mail only went to one customer it is fixable and tomorrow I can actually fix it. It still got done, it just could have been better.